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Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself, my name is Michelle. I am a thirty-one year young wife and mother of one so far. My husband, Paul, and I married three years ago, and just this year had our first baby girl. Yes, we are obsessed with her and take tons of photos. (Ok, well I take tons of photos!)

This is us at church on Paul’s first Father’s Day. Gah! All the feels…

Pauls first fathers day

(Photo credit to our church for the amazing props, and the photography team for taking our picture!)

I have a love for almost anything creative: photography, art, writing, music — essentially the “arts”. I’ve dreamed of being a writer ever since grammar school. I feel like every writer says this — but I do suppose it is true for all of us! I loved writing poems and stories and entering writing contests. I loved coming in first, hated coming in anything less. I even went to college to study literature. (Please don’t beat me up for my grammar though, I do not necessarily have a passion for that!)

I’m finally chasing a dream to write a blog, 15 years in the making. You may wonder why it took me so long, and I could give you a litany of excuses. Instead, I will say, it was good for me to wait because I had to learn skills and lessons in order to get out of my own way and go on the journey I believe God has called me to travel. I learned WordPress volunteering at church years ago. I was able to pay attention to what I think I might write and see if the content was good. And most importantly, I learned to fall in love with God first. (Priorities!)

Even though I’m finally starting this blog, I still feel so inept. I want to share the things God teaches me and how he speaks to me but I am no theologian, I didn’t go to university at a seminary school, I’m not a Pastor or authority. I’m just an imperfect girl who feels such a heavy weight and a burden to make sure my words aren’t going to be contrary to what the bible teaches.

Yet I’ve also had to learn that God knows I am not perfect and how to accept this fact. Now that my priorities are in order, my goal is no longer to achieve perfection. It is not my intention to say what I write is doctrine or absolute truth. I’m not here to lead you into my way of thinking or ask you to follow me. I am unqualified for that. My goal is to keep Jesus first and to continually learn and grow.

In this blog you’ll read about my personal journey, full of flaws and His great love. It is my hope, through my experiences, to connect with you and point you to Jesus. He alone can reveal truth to you, lead you, and love you perfectly the way you need – He knows you because He created you. He always desires the best for you.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!


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