2020 Vision

Happy New Year! And New Decade! I didn’t give that fact much thought, but it was such a popular topic on social media. It made me start to think about reflecting not only on the past year but the past decade. Thank God for the last decade. There were highs and lows but I’m so grateful for the highs and all the lessons I’ve learned from the lows.

As 2020 was approaching, and as I was reflecting on the past decade, I took time alone to sit with God. I just sat, imagining myself sitting at His feet, waiting for Him to tell me what He wants me to learn for the next year. I felt God say 2020 is going to be a year (maybe even a decade) of vision. My eyes are going to be opened to see things I’ve never seen before and to start seeing more clearly. All I kept thinking was 20/20 vision. I felt like God was telling me a few things that I was quick to write down, because I know when God speaks it’s important and I don’t want to forget. But one thing I want to share is that God reminded me that people are important. He brought several bible verses on this to my memory.

Jesus said the most important commandment is to love God and people. So, my friend, as I realized in that moment, relationships are important! It may seem like a trivial statement, but sit on that for a little while. God opened my heart and eyes to how important people are to Him. In this next decade I want to make sure I’m valuing His creation and encouraging people and building healthy relationships. I was so moved I even started to become more intentional with certain relationships and friendships right away.

I sat with a good friend for coffee (and tea) a couple nights ago. She knows my family and she knows that I’m in a season where time is precious and she genuinely doesn’t want me to waste my time on wrong priorities. So she asked me what actions I’m taking to keep right priorities. I have to admit, I was a little shocked. I thought we might at least catch up on current events first, but she jumped right in and said let’s get to business! And I appreciate that. I love knowing where someone stands and I appreciate good communication. She showed me she is for me and got right to the point. (Disclaimer: all people are different and appreciate different things, and communicate better in other ways, but for me – this method is good!)

As we continued to talk we got on the topic of setting goals. She told me she heard a sermon that she recommends. One highlight from it that she suggested was to make sure, when I set my goals, I not only set my goals for this year but for the decade in mind. Where do I want to be in ten years? What do I need to start accomplishing now to get there?

I’ve heard a saying, “Show me your five best friends and I’ll show you where you’ll be in five years.” Thank God for wise friends! Friends that don’t want to see you stuck so they help propel you forward to the plans God has for your life. I had really been so short sighted, only thinking about goals for this year and maybe the decade ahead. But God used her to remind me I need to think about the bigger picture.

As I continue to sit and think about what the next year and decade means to me, what direction God is leading, reflecting on where I am, where I’ve been and where I am going, I just cannot help but be thankful to God for the people He’s placed in my life. So much so that I want to keep talking about people! God used another wise woman in my life to remind me that not every relationship I have is created equal and are for different things. Not all my friends or friendships should be the same. That was a revelation in a moment for me. It helped me to value the relationships I have and appreciate them for what they are and love people better.

And I want you to know I’m grateful to God for you. I’m grateful that somehow God has lead you to connect with me on this amazing journey of life! I hope your life is going well. But if you’re feeling you aren’t where you want to be, or you’re late to setting your goals, or you started and lost focus already (because let’s be real, this is real life), can I encourage you to start fresh! There’s never a wrong day to start again. I believe in you, but better than that, God does too. And God wants to surround you with people to get you where His best is waiting for you. But can I remind you, as He’s reminded me: He comes first. If He always comes first and we walk with Him, then we never take a wrong step.

As my Pastor always reminds our church, small tweaks lead to big peaks. I’m believing for really big peaks for you and me over this next decade.

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