Unlock Your Imagination

Sometimes I have been given tasks to do and in a way I feel honored to be asked to be the “one” to do the task. But every so often, I become so driven to get it done so excellently that I become unaware of anything or anyone else around me. I’m so focused I get tunnel vision and I fail to connect with the people around me. When I only focus on the tasks at hand, forgetting to take moments to connect with people along the journey, the litany of things to do can become arduous and my time spent lonely.

I’ve been reminded from a good friend not to lose sight of people in the name of accomplishing a task. People are important. Jesus gave His life for people after all. And for some time now I’ve been sensing from God to put a stronger emphasis on relationships. So I’ve started to do a simple thing; when I think of someone I text them. Revolutionary! I know.

We are not always able to talk at that moment but I think it is sweet to be thought about. Occasionally, we can have a brief conversation which is pleasurable for catching up. And at times I’m surprised at the blessing I receive in return. So yesterday was one of those days of unexpected blessing. I texted a good friend who said she was thinking about reaching out to me too, but I beat her to it. Later in the day we got to spend some time catching up. That was blessing enough in itself. But then she told me she was listening to a podcast and thought she should send it to me. So I asked her to share it with me.

The podcast was amazing. I barely got fifteen minutes in to an hour and a half podcast and I was so blessed by the message. Since I started listening to it at the end of my work day, I took a pause as I left the building. As I was walking to my car I was prompted to start praying boldly for the feeling of pressure to leave me. I declared I would not be under pressure but would walk over it, in Jesus name.

As I prayed that and walked to my car, I literally felt as though the flood of pressure that was trying to consume me was bound under me and I was able to walk over it with Jesus. It was such an amazing feeling. Freeing. It set up the rest of my evening to feeling peaceful and handle rough situations with an abundance of grace.

I literally felt as though the simple act of reaching out to connect a friend was God’s way of connecting me to something He had for me. He knew if I reached out, she would send me that podcast. And she had second guessed sending it me. So if I didn’t reach out, I might have missed the blessing. It also confirmed for her that from now on if she thinks of me while listening to a podcast she’s going to send it!

The podcast was on a topic I’ve been feeling God talking to me about for about a year. AND He answered a question I asked Him only two weeks ago. I love when I ask God a question and He answers. It reminds me I’m His daughter and He desires to answer my questions. He doesn’t generally answer me right away, or audibly. But He always answers on time in a way I can relate.

God speaks to each of us uniquely and creatively: directly to us in a sense, through someone or something around us, a memory, a vision, a song. The scenarios are limitless. I think it is important to take the limits off God and look for new ways He speaks to us each day. Sometimes hearing the way God spoke to someone else opens our minds to see how He wants to speak to us.

Quite a few years ago I read a book where the author told me about a dream she had of Jesus. It unlocked my imagination. I could imagine me standing with Jesus, dancing with Him (if you’re a guy – maybe play sports!), hanging out in His courts, imagine worshiping Him. Limitless possibilities! I believe God wants us to imagine or have a vision of our unique relationship with Him. Since then I’ve started to see God talk to me in new ways. Like seeing myself walk with Jesus over pressure! So can I challenge you? If you’ve never done it before, unlock your inner kid, and be imaginative with God!



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